Introducing The Nuboki Six Week Transformation Package..
  • Two Group Sessions A Week : You will get two group sessions a week in our exclusive gym located in Dafen or at an outdoor location which is agreed in writing in our exclusive members chat. 
  • Nutrition : Weekly meal plan's with a shopping list. What not to eat and what to eat and when! 
  • Eating Out Guide : Life is for living and we can help you find the balance between the perfect social life and not expanding your waistline!
  • Weekly Check Points : You will receive weekly check up's from a Nuboki Team member via phone/text/email
  • Before And After Photo's : A Nuboki team member will take before and after photo's of you to ensure we can track your progress and showcase your amazing transformation throughout the journey!
  • ​Free Entry To All Nuboki Events (Bootcamps, Surprise Sessions) : You will receive free entry to all Nuboki events throughout your 6 week package! (All Members Of The Public Will Be Charged A Fee)
  • ​Free Entry To Our Mindset and Nutrition seminar : You will also receive free entry to all our educational events throughout your 6 week package!
Did You Know?
It takes just a few minutes of bravery to take the step towards being a healthier and happier you. 

Our package has been proven to be successful in helping previous Nuboki members reach their target goal. 

The maximum number per group is 10 as we feel it is important to work closely with you to ensure that you are working out safely and not only are you happy about the way that you look but about the way that you feel.

Health Is wealth. 

P.s. Expect motivational madness and unlimited laughter.
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